Adventure Course


Join us at our exciting, purpose built Adventure Course for an action-packed day of outdoor fun and team work! Guaranteed to get your students thinking, the Adventure Course will bring big smiles all around. The Adventure Course offers a wide variety of activities where the focus is on challenging individuals and fostering a sense of belonging in a fun, non-threatening environment.

In a modern world of increasingly non-active lifestyles and unhealthy habits, getting our children active and outdoors should be among our top priorities as parents and educators. Tackling the SunScene Adventure Course amounts to a generous serving of fresh air and sunshine, as well as the opportunity to challenge practical thinking skills and social barriers. ‘Cliques’ and social divisions quickly break down as children find themselves supporting their classmates through tricky situations. Students quickly learn that communication is paramount in getting through the activities smoothly, and soon discover the value of the simple question “Do you need help?

Best of all, the Adventure Course is tons of fun and the greatest reward is children learning to laugh at themselves and with each other in a spirit of openness and acceptance. SunScene’s goal is that everyone goes home happy!

Adventure Activities:
*Uneven Posts
*Angled Balance Beams
*Giant Cargo Net
*Bosuns Chairs
*African Formula 1
*Swinging Logs
*Wonky Bridge
*Paintball Target Shooting
*Live Wire
*Spider’s Web
*Vertical Assault Wall
*Climbing Tree
*130 metre Zip Slide (foofie slide)

Please contact us for ADVENTURE COURSE SCHOOL GROUP COST with proposed dates & group size if you would like to join us on another Amazing Adventure!