Sandboarding and Dune Games


Enjoy a fun filled day on the magnificent dunes of Cape Town

Our experienced instructors and facilitators will guide your group through a number of fresh and exciting team building activities.

We start the day with a sandboarding lesson session. Sandboarding is very easy to learn and offers a fun and exciting teambuilding alternative that encompasses all of the important elements required to develop successful teams. After a much needed refeshment break we challenge your teams to particpate in our Silly Sandboarding Olympics & Dune Games. We will supply each team with a box of assorted equipment and the rest is up to you!

A day on the slopes offers a unique mix of fun, fitness, mental challenge and immersion in natural beauty. Our professional instructors and facilitators will ensure that your team leave the dunes feeling exhilirated and extremely sandy!

Rates: From R250-R395/person (dependant on group size).

Activities Include:

* Silly Sandboarding Olympics – A variety of fun events such as the most people on a sand board, longest distance covered, catamaran style, to name but a few.

* Dune Orienteering – Following co-ordinates to move from check point to check point, teams race against each other to collect puzzle pieces.

* Desert Ferry -Teams need to ferry each other between two points using sandboards and other equipment.

* Windsor Mountain Cup – Teams need to dress their ‘jockey’ and ‘horses’ before entering them in the most prestigious race of the year.

We have various catering options avaiable to suit your group’s requirements for the day.