The Sunscene crew


ALAN2Founding Father: Alan Wellburn

Alan’s passion for the great outdoors led to the establishment of SunScene on a break from the world of finance. Although he has returned to his corporate background to fill a new & exciting role as Head of Philantropy at Citadel Wealth Management, he has managed to create an amazingly innovative adventure company in the interim. SunScene has providing employment to over 50 guides & staff & adventurous experiences to in excess of 50 000 particpants since 2003.



Managing Mom: Jessica Cohen

Multi-Tasker is Jessica’s middle name! Her duties as the person behind the scenes at the SunScene head quarters includes anything from overseeing weekly safety checks of equipment, spreading the call to get everyone loving outdoor action, to running a round the clock laundry for guide uniforms. She is also an award winning architect, wife of Alan & mother of two boisterous girls whose favourite hang out is to be (safely attached) to the SunScene zipline. Phew!



Upile Ayami

Kind-hearted Upile is friendliness personified and also a bit of a football freak. One of SunScene’s longest standing guides, Upile has grown in his role as an adventure guide and is a consistent hit with all his sandboarding prodigees & parents. Calm and capable in any situation, Upile may share his speedmaster sandboarding secrets with you if you can guess his favourite football team…




 Guy Wagenvoorde

Studying a full time Business Science degree at the University of Cape Town, Guy is also an award winning Scout.  Guy balances his full time Varsity life outdoors, in the mountains, on the beach or at the Adventure Course where he has become a pro at safely sending 1000s of children and adults to new heights.



Michael James Stowe

Fondly known as MJ, Michael James love for the great outdoors has inspired him to study environmental sciences at UCT as well as become an enthusiastic member of the SunScene guide team. MJ gentle nature has given many of our participants the confidence to complete a task that they didn’t believe possible to achieve.



Trevor Minny

Trev is both a natural with people and on any kind of board. When this friendly and energetic guides is not busy shaping surfboards you will find him searching for waves off Kommetjie or working up a sweat will carving up the Atlantis dunes on a sandboard.



Dylan Baker-Fuchs

Don’t let Dylan’s tremendous height fool you – he is the gentlest of guides and will use his persuasive nature to encourage you to achieve the impossible! Dylan’s extensive experience with high rope activities and adventure tourism makes him an outstandingly qualified and passionate guide.